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August 22, 2011 / owbEe

Korean-related iPhone apps

I previously posted about Typing Korean in iPhone4 and now I’ll share with you the apps that I use in learning Korean and Korean culture. First off, this is how my Korean springboard looks like:

Let’s view the apps!

July 19, 2011 / owbEe

Typing Korean in iPhone 4

I recently changed my old rusty Nokia to iPhone. Upon receiving it, I immediately searched for tutorials on how to type Korean using my new phone. I couldn’t find any tutorials in the net so I immediately searched for apps. I guess I’m just plainly stupid to not realize that I can find the answer in the manual. Fortunately, I found the answer while scanning through Korean related apps.

If you are also a Korean learner who is using iPhone but still doesn’t know how to type in Korean, today is your lucky day. There are 2 ways to activate the Korean Keyboard in your iPhone:

Start typing Korean in your iPhone now!

June 23, 2011 / owbEe

Learning a Language

I was looking through some Tagalog site when I chanced upon a short essay about learning a language. The essay is about the qualities of a good and bad language learner. The essay is written in Tagalog/Filipino.

Ang Pag-aaral ng Isang Wika

Ang pag-aaral ng isang wika ay madali sa ilang tao at napakahirap sa iba.  Sino ang nahihirapan at sino ang nadadalian?

Ang nahihirapan ay mga taong mahiyain at mahina ang loob.  Ayaw nilang magbukas ng bibig dahil natatakot magkamali.  Ayaw nilang mapintasan ang maling pagbigkas o maling pagsasamasama ng salita.  Hindi sila magsasalita hangga’t sa palagay nila ay tamang-tama na ang sasabihin nila.

Ang nadadalian ay ang hindi nahihiyang magkamali.  Kahi’t balu-baluktot, pinipilit nilang magsalita.  Malakas ang kanilang loob.

Madali ring matuto ang mga taong mahilig makipagkaibigan.  Dahil gusto nilang makipagkaibigan sa mga mamamayan ng bayang kanilang binibisita, nagsasalita sila sa salitang banyaga.  Kahit a la “ako Tarzan, ikaw Jane.”

Anong uri ng mag-aaral kayo?

Here’s my rough translation in English:

Learning a Language

Learning a language is easy for some people and difficult for others. Who is having difficulty and who is at ease?

Those who find difficulties are those who are timid and faint-hearted. They refuse to open their mouths for fear of making mistakes. They don’t want their wrong pronunciation or wrong construction of words criticized. They will not speak unless they are sure that what they are about to say are completely right.

Those who find it easy are not ashamed of making mistakes. Though [their words are] crooked, they strive to speak. They are strong-willed.

Those who like making friends also learn easily. Because they want to make friends with people from the country they are visiting, they speak using a foreign language. Even if they sound “I Tarzan, you Jane.”

What kind of student are you?

This essay struck me for it clearly pointed out what type of language learner I am. It also used the right words to describe me as a person. I have always been this way even while I was learning English. I remember when our teacher would ask us to give sample sentences, most of my classmates would raise their hands and give out short simple sentences. I, on the other hand, would think of a longer one but would later dismiss it, thinking that it’s full of errors. I know this type of attitude would surely bring me nowhere but I continue to have this kind of thinking. 😦

As of the moment, I’m trying my best to change. This change may not be seen in my Korean learning as of yet but I noticed that in some way I’m improving my English speaking skills. I noticed that I’m not stuttering that much at work now. I try to converse more in English even with my Filipino co-workers. I also try not to mentally correct myself when I speak in English for it distracts me more. Having confidence in myself is a plus too. (Do I even have to mention that? :lol:)

Let me ask you this before I go, what kind of language learner are you?

November 27, 2010 / owbEe

Special characters in Korean IME

If you have been visiting Cyworld (or any Korean-hosted blog or site) for quite some time, you might have noticed characters like ♥ ♡ ♪ ♩ ♬  ※ ★ ☆ . I don’t know if I’m the only one wondering where they got those characters or how they make those characters or if I need to type a special code just to get those characters but I’m really interested to know. So out of random curiosity, I asked my Korean friend how to type those characters.

Let’s type some ♥♥♥…

May 25, 2010 / 猫

A Litany on the JYP Concert (aka OMG I SAW JYP AND 2AM!!!)

[Hey, Kat here! I’ll be doing the concert recap for the JYP tour, since my sister nagged me into doing so hehehehe I wanted to do it. I apologize in advance for too much LOL and spazz in this fan account—I tried to keep it as clean and, er, professional-sounding as possible. =D]

May 23, 2010—The LA leg of the 2010 JYP Bad Party US Tour commenced. Sarah/owbEe was able to get tickets through the contest Soompi was holding for that event, so we were able to go to our first k-pop concert! We weren’t exactly JYP fans; I only knew one song of Park Jin Young, and it wasn’t exactly my kind of song, you know? But I was a casual 2AM fan (and a more-than-casual Seulong fan, I have to admit) and I was excited over the prospect of seeing them sing live.


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