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May 25, 2010 / 猫

A Litany on the JYP Concert (aka OMG I SAW JYP AND 2AM!!!)

[Hey, Kat here! I’ll be doing the concert recap for the JYP tour, since my sister nagged me into doing so hehehehe I wanted to do it. I apologize in advance for too much LOL and spazz in this fan account—I tried to keep it as clean and, er, professional-sounding as possible. =D]

May 23, 2010—The LA leg of the 2010 JYP Bad Party US Tour commenced. Sarah/owbEe was able to get tickets through the contest Soompi was holding for that event, so we were able to go to our first k-pop concert! We weren’t exactly JYP fans; I only knew one song of Park Jin Young, and it wasn’t exactly my kind of song, you know? But I was a casual 2AM fan (and a more-than-casual Seulong fan, I have to admit) and I was excited over the prospect of seeing them sing live.

zoomed in picture taken from the balcony seats

view from the orchestra seats

We were seated in the very front row of the $150 seats (thank you, Soompi!), seats that were comfortably close but not too close that we had to strain our necks to look up—I don’t think the VIP ticket holders minded much, though, seeing as they were in a position to get really good pictures. Professional cameras weren’t allowed, although I did see one lady in the VIP section holding one very professional-looking camera. There were only a few non-Koreans such as my sister and I in the crowd, so at first I felt kind of out of place. But we were there to enjoy ourselves, so I just shrugged that feeling off.


Seulong (squeeee!!!)

fab Jo Kwon

And enjoy ourselves we did. 2AM kicked off the concert with their debut song, 이노래, continued off with 친구의 고백, and the songs from their new album, 죽어도 못 보내 and 잘못했어. (Watch 2AM’s performance here. Do note that you need to follow owbEe on twitter before you can watch the video.) I have to say, 2AM looks so much better in person. I don’t dig the long-hair-ponytail look on Jinwoon, but it kinda worked. Changmin looked excellent in person and he sang really well. Jo Kwon was fabulous and although we weren’t really that close to the stage, his face still looked so smooth and without any trace of blemish at all—and his legs are super thin I was a bit jealous. As for Seulong *ahem* let me just say that I’m embarrassed to be caught in a video screaming my guts out, squealing his name over and over again like a mad(wo)man (I know, it was only my voice that was recorded, but it was still very embarrassing). Seeing him is just…there are no words to ever describe my feeling. I wonder how I would react if/when I see 2PM’s Wooyoung who will become my future husband LOLOLOLOLOLOL I KID I KID, but I digress.

When 2AM waved their goodbyes (with Jo Kwon doing a little Abracadabra dance, making me want to see BEG over at the MYX Mash concert in San Francisco, which happened just the day before the JYP concert), I was a bit sad that they only sang four songs. Granted they were the songs they released and therefore the songs everyone who weren’t crazed 2AM fanatics knew or at least heard of, but I was hoping they’d sing some of their other awesome songs, like 웃어 줄 수가 없어서 미안하다, which is my ultimate favorite song off their mini album. *sigh* You can’t have ‘em all, I guess.

So when they were finished, I was thinking, can we stop and go now? LOLOLOLOLOL I’m kidding—I’m not that rude, and I was also hoping to enjoy the concert to the fullest, so we stayed for the rest of the show. I did say that I’m not a fan of JYP and I only know one song of his, so I apologize if I can’t say all the titles of songs he sang or if I missed anything or if this isn’t in order. OTL

JYP sang a lot of songs, so for that I applaud him. 날 떠나지마 was really upbeat and fun to sing—thank God for the video background which showed the lyrics, or I wouldn’t have had the ability to sing along with the crowd. 너의 뒤에서  was a slow ballad, and the lady who was sitting beside me was singing along, as well as most of the people in the theater. He also sang the oh-so-familiar Honey (with a Billie Jean cover inserted as a song mash-up), which I knew as the song he sang in the music video for Wonder Girls’ Nobody. Apart from his latest song, No Love No More, Honey was the only one I knew of, which made the statement in this post earlier (that I only knew one song of his) false—not only that, but I have heard of 너의 뒤에서 before, perhaps from the time when I was scouring the entire YouTube archives for each and every video of Sung Si Kyung, who, by the way, has finished his military duties YAYAYAYAYAYYYY!!!

*ahem* Anyway, JYP did one lip-synch, that of his song Swing Baby. I was amused because he asked the audience if it was alright for him to lip-synch just one song so he can dance his ass off (or something to that effect XD), and everyone just screamed in affirmation.

He also sang 니가 사는 그집, but he started out with it slower and sadder than the original arrangement, since he was singing it according to how it would feel when he really sees an ex-lover already settled down. He also had a duet with a blonde Korean girl (with excellent vocal skills, may I add), and it was the song  대낮에 한 이별, which was originally a duet with Wonder Girls’ Leader Sunye. JYP also gave a performance of his song 청혼가, as well as his latest song, No Love No More. The music video for that song was also shown before he sang the song live, perhaps for him to catch his breath or drink tons more water, since he did perform all the songs—save one—live (with a band in the sidelines and not just taped music, may I add). Earlier on the concert, he also sang covers of songs he made for other artists, such as 2AM’s 이노래 and 2PM’s Again and Again, which earned loud screams of exhilaration from the crowd.

I know I may be missing a lot of other songs, given as I’m not fluent in Korean and can only catch snippets of lyrics that I can understand. Fortunately JYP did talk mostly in English, and he really can communicate well using the language. He thanked his fans for coming to watch him not as a manager or composer, but as an artist, a singer and a dancer (quoting the man himself, “You might know me as Wonder Girls’ JYP or manager of 2PM JYP or composer of 2AM JYP, but I’m here today as the singer and dancer JYP”). He also asked the crowd to support him in his journey to make an Asian artist big on US soil, since no one has been successful in that area so far.

For his goodbyes, JYP was accompanied by his awesome dancers and the 2AM boys—YAY SEULONG CAME BACK ONSTAGE!!!!—*ahem* and they bowed and thanked the audience. After the stage became black, everyone was chanting for an encore performance, and JYP gave in, singing his favorite song from his seventh album, Back to Stage, which might be (might being the operative word) 사실은, but I could be ultimately wrong. D: He sang his encore song while sitting down, so everyone from the VIP was up from their seats and tried taking photos and videos of him up close.

It wasn’t what you could call the best and most excellent concert ever, certainly—there were times when JYP would almost be off tune, or his voice would crack from overexertion, but it was definitely much more enjoyable and better than I thought it would be (and boy, can the man dance!) I can tell from the concert that JYP isn’t only passionate about the artists he produce but also about his own music—he gives a lot of effort into what he does and it  definitely shows. I’m absolutely glad we got the opportunity to watch the JYP concert, because if we hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have known about the awesomeness of Park Jin Young as an all-around entertainer. =D

(As you might have noticed, I did some research and looked through YouTube and Naver for the songs JYP sang. XD I don’t think I caught all of the songs, but I did well, didn’t I? XD All pictures courtesy of My Linguistics’ very own Sarah/owbEe; the 2AM fancam video—and most of the squealing—was by me. Concert tickets courtesy of Soompi and Powerhouse—THANKYOUSOMUCH! 너무 너무 감사합니다!)



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  1. anabear / May 29 2010 8:03 am

    OMG!!! the pics are out!!! hahah… i bet you really had a blast experience!
    i can tell it because of Kat’s way of sharing the story. i can see her smiling as she’s typing in the keyboard while reminiscin’ every moment of the concert! hahahah good job Kat!~
    i was hoping to see a lot of kwon pics but then again owbee or kat isn’t a kwon-fan like me! hahaha anyway, i still love it! thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us! it made me feel as if i watched the show too! lol. I’ll watch the vids on tweeter! haahaha…. ^_^

    • owbEe / May 29 2010 7:25 pm

      Actually, I still have other shots of Kwon. My sister chose to just post that one, since it’s the best of all my shots. Most of my shots were blurred. Maybe because of the camera being just an ordinary one and because of the excitement while taking their photos. *kilig* LOL.

      I think I’ll just send you the photos later so you can also see how beautiful Kwon is. hehe.

    • anabear / May 31 2010 10:24 am

      Haahahah that’s an awesome idea! i’d love to see those pics!!! kht blurred, it’s still kwon! i’m really happy for you bear! ^_^

    • owbEe / May 31 2010 11:40 pm

      I’ll just resize the pics so it won’t be that big then I’ll send it to you. 😀 Do you also want JYP’s photos? Mas Maganda ung kuha ko sa kanya kasi napagpractisan ko na ung 2AM e. hehe.

  2. Zall / Jun 27 2010 11:13 pm

    Ga In from BEG was at JYP concert too! u can see it on the korean reality show ‘We Got Married’. heres a short clip of what Jo Kwon did for Ga In in the concert! its very sweet~

    • Kat / Jun 28 2010 10:29 pm

      That’s a different concert venue, I guess, since there were no wand lights (bah, I don’t even know what those are called) in LA. And as far as I know, Ga In was still enjoying her stay in SanFran when the JYP concert was held in LA.

    • Zall / Jun 29 2010 11:57 am

      :O. now that u have mentioned i realized 2am outfit for both concerts was different. haha! sry for the confusion. hahaha. btw how did u know GaIn was at sanfran? xD

    • Kat / Jun 29 2010 12:17 pm

      Ga In and I are close, so I should know.

      …Just kidding.

      Ga In was in San Francisco the day before the JYP Concert because BEG was one of the artists featured in the MYX Mash concert with Bruno Mars and T-Pain. 😀 I assumed she was still there a few days after their concert since a few shots of her touring the city were posted in the internet. 😀


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