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August 17, 2009 / owbEe

Feelings and more feelings

I’m getting addicted to Cyworld again and while writing some entry in the diary I decided to look for the meaning of some Korean words found there. I also took a screenshot so you can see the Korean words. I don’t know most of the words here so I just looked for the translations online. I also asked a Korean friend to help me with the translations.

Here they are:

기분선택 : select feeling or choose feeling

맑음 : clear, lucid

  • 기쁨 : joy, happiness, delight
  • 아싸 : yeah! hurrah!
  • 행복 : happiness, bliss, well-being, felicity
  • 뿌듯 : proud, satisfied
  • 즐거움 : pleasure, joy, delight, happiness
  • 파이팅 : Go! Fighting! (same as 화이팅!)
  • 황홀 : rapture, ecstasy
  • 설렘 : flutter, uneasy (I thought it was solemn, LOL.)
  • 사랑해 : I love you
  • 개운 : well, relieved, refreshed

쌀쌀 : cold, chilly (according to my friend, it’s both weather and attitude)

  • 그냥 : just, as it is, still
  • 외로움 : loneliness, solitude
  • 쓸쓸 : (weather) dreary, gloomy; (feelings) lonely, lonesome
  • 귀찮음 : annoying
  • 그리움 : yearning, longing, missing
  • 심심 : bored

흐림 : cloudy, turbid

  • 답답 : frustrating, feel heavy,
  • 우울 : gloom, depression, melancholy
  • 슬픔 : sadness, sorrow, grief
  • 힘듦 : exacting, tough, painful
  • 짜증 : ill humor, hot temper
  • 바쁨 : busy
  • 피곤 : tiredness, exhaustion, weariness
  • 아픔 : pain, ache, agony

번개 : lightning

  • 열받음 : burn or fume (not sure)
  • 황당 : absurd
  • 떨림 : shivering, trembling, vibrating
  • 불안 : anxiety, worry, fear
  • 사용안함 : disable, to not use

If you find any mistakes feel free to leave a comment and correct me. Thanks!



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  1. Mali / Sep 12 2011 3:41 am

    I was wondering if you can put in romanji?

  2. 케씔 / Jun 17 2012 6:07 am

    Wow, I’ll take note of those words. ^^ I think they will be useful since it’s more casual and modern.. It’s nice to learn while having fun^^

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