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July 16, 2009 / owbEe

Have some more FUN in Korea!

I’ve been too addicted to contests recently that whenever I see a contest at any site I immediately sign up and join. But since I won’t be able to join any of the contests I’ve seen, I’ll just share it with my readers who might be interested in winning a prize or maybe helping out. Note that some events are only open for Korean citizens.

Here are some of the contests I found:

1. Cheer for Korea and Win a Flag. It might sound weird but I really like to win this contest. But unfortunately, this contest is only open for Koreans so I don’t have any right to join. The contest runs from May 6th to August 15th. You only need to post an encouraging comment with a maximum of 40 words. The first 100 people who gives out an encouraging comment will win a flag. Am I being such a weirdo for wanting a Korean flag?

2. Korea in my album. In this contest, you need to send photos and stories of special moments that made you proud to be a Korean. You may send in a photo with the president, with the flag or anything showing your Korean pride. The contest runs from May 6th to August 15. Again, I don’t qualify in this event. Next one please.

3. Sponsor a Vitamin. Not really a contest but it will help a lot of poor children who are at risk of blindness, measles, malaria, pneumonia and other diseases. In this event (again, only open for Koreans), you just need to send in a comment of hope and each hopeful comment will sponsor 5 vitamins for those children. I really like this event. It really gives out meaning to your hopeful comment and it gives you that warm feeling inside that you were able to share your blessings to other people.

4. Korea’s Tourism Photo Poster and Animation Contest. These contests are made to increase awareness of the tourism industry in Korea and to promote Korea worldwide as a tourist destination.

5. Korea’s Festivals. In this event you have to submit a review about your experience in one of Korea’s festivals. You may send in something about excitement in the Boryeong Mud Festival, or the fascinating site of the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival, or write something about the amazing performances in the Andong International Maskdance Festival. You have no limit to what you want to share just be sure to send it with a Microsoft Word file format. You can win prizes like gift certificates, hotel accommodations and a lot more.

6. Create your own Seoul. This contest is part of the Seoul Infinite Dream Match Series. In this contest you just need to send in photos of letters from everyday life and create your own Seoul. The contest runs from June 9th to July 31st. Anyone can send in their entries.

Enjoy the contests and good luck!!


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