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April 6, 2009 / owbEe

Typing in Hangeul Part 1

Last month, I made a tutorial on how to install Korean IME using Vista. Now that you’ve already installed the said function in your computer your next problem would be ‘how to use the IME.’ And today, I will be teaching you that.

First off, after you successfully installed the Korean IME you would see this icon (EN) present on your taskbar.

Clicking it would show the installed IMEs you currently have. In the screenshot below, I currently have English and Korean. And it also shows that I’m currently using the English IME.

To activate the Korean IME, just click KO Korean (Korea) from the list. Once you clicked it, three new icons will be added namely: Microsoft IME, Han/Eng Toggle, Hanja Convert. You would also see that the EN icon will become KO.

But before you start typing in Hangeul you need to be sure that you’ve clicked the Han/Eng Toggle icon. The Han/Eng Toggle is the icon with a letter A. Once you clicked the icon it will turn to κ°€. And now you’re just about ready to type in Korean.

In my next post, I will be teaching you how to familiarize yourself in the Korean Keyboard Layout. So watch out for my next post.

See yah, and don’t forget to leave a comment. πŸ˜‰


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