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March 14, 2009 / owbEe

우리는 하나

My dad handed me an advertisement catalog and asked me if the reader is the one my sister wants to buy. Actually, I’m not going to talk about the reader or anything about my sister. I just want to share to you what I found while I was browsing the catalog he handed me.

I found this CK product. CK We Are One — Message In A Bottle. (And I’m not endorsing or advertising this product, okay? At least we’re clear here.) What caught my attention were the various languages imprinted on the bottle. Of course the first language that I tried to look for was Korean. Here’s a shot I took from the catalog.

It amazes me that though I don’t know much Korean words, I did understand the the Korean message before reading the English one. I’m just so happy reading Korean texts though most of the time I don’t understand even a bit of what I’m reading. 😐

Anyway, is there another way of saying ‘We are one‘ in Korean? Please teach me. 😀


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