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January 21, 2009 / owbEe

Koreans in the Philippines

I know this post should have been posted earlier, it’s just that I forgot all about it and just remembered it right now. Anyway, I found this video from a blog by a fellow Filipino. She now lives in Korea and is also happily married to a Korean.

The show, by the way is Y Speak–a local show in the Philippines (ABS-CBN’s Studio 23) that basically focuses on issues concerning the Filipino youth.

According to Wikipedia, Y Speak is now paving the way for breakthrough, edgy and uncensored youth documentaries on the hottest, most relevant and controversial youth issues in the country

This ‘Korean in the Philippines‘ episode was aired January of last year and was hosted by Bianca Gonzalez and Atom Araullo.

But before you start watching the show, please be aware that there are times that the hosts speak in Taglish or a mixed of Tagalog and English. Anyway, I hope you’ll still enjoy this insightful episode of Y Speak.

Here are the videos uploaded by darkhawkz:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Here’s my short summary of what the videos talked about if you weren’t able to get the Tagalog parts: ^^

Part 1 talks about:

  • Introduction to the episode.

Part 2 talks about:

  • How Koreans view the Philippines and what made them stay.
  • A Korean wannabe who was widely influenced by watching Korean dramas.
  • Korean fashion in the Philippines and the presence of a saloon owned by a Korean in the Philippines.
  • Korean restaurant in the Philippines and how it influenced the Filipino palate.

Part 3 talks about:

  • Korean dramas, movies and songs that are widely accepted by the Filipinos.
  • How Korean dramas influenced Filipino dramas.

Part 4 talks about:

  • Philippines as a means of learning English.
  • How Koreans value education.
  • How 학원 became popular in the Philippines and became a source of income for the Filipinos.
  • The impact of  the influx of Korean students to the Philippine economy.

Part 5 talks about:

  • A love story between a Korean and a Filipino.


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    atom is great.


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