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January 1, 2009 / owbEe

Drama Fever…

Last December 26, 2008 I joined this site named ‘DramaFever’. This site features a selection of some of the most popular Korean dramas (eg. Coffee Prince, Goong, My Lovely Samsoon).

Here’s some screenshot of the site:

DramaFever homepage

DramaFever homepage

DramaFever drama page

DramaFever drama page

I’m really looking forward to watching dramas there. It’s fully licensed so I don’t have to worry about future shutdown from the site. As to what I’ve seen from the site it currently streams the following dramas:

  • Air City [Complete]
  • All About Eve [Complete]
  • Attic Cat [Complete]
  • Bad Love [Complete]
  • Beethoven Virus [Complete]
  • Boys Over Flowers [Complete]
  • Cinderella Man [Complete]
  • Coffee Prince [Complete]
  • Couple or Trouble [Complete]
  • Dr. Kkang [Complete]
  • Fireworks [Complete]
  • Goong [Complete]
  • Goong S [Complete]
  • Gourmet [Complete]
  • H.I.T. [Complete]
  • Hotelier [Complete]
  • I Really Really Like You [Complete]
  • Jewel In The Palace [Complete]
  • Jumong [Complete]
  • La Dolce Vita [Complete]
  • Last Scandal [Complete]
  • My Lovely Samsoon [Complete]
  • New Heart [Complete]
  • Over The Rainbow [Complete]
  • Queen of Housewives [Complete]
  • Que Sera Sera [Complete]
  • Sad Love Story [Complete]
  • Soulmate [Complete]
  • Strongest Chil Woo [Complete]
  • Super Rookie [Complete]
  • Thank You [Complete]
  • The Kingdom of the Wind [Complete]
  • The World That They Live In [Complete]
  • Time Between Dog and Wolf [Complete]
  • What Planet Are You From? [Complete]
  • What’s Up Fox? [Complete]
  • White Tower [Complete]
  • Who Are You ? [Complete]
  • Yi San [Complete]

Unfortunately though, these dramas are only licensed to stream here in the US. ๐Ÿ˜•

*Screenshots by Dramafever.

EDIT [07.22.09]: Updated the drama list.



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  1. hangukdrama / Jan 9 2009 4:10 am

    haha yeah I’ve heard of the site too ): but so sad it won’t work here in Singapore

  2. Jim / Jan 12 2009 2:12 am

    Only available to users in the US?

    Does that mean non-US residents like me can’t watch them? ;_;

  3. owbEe / Jan 15 2009 10:29 pm

    Yep. Unfortunately you can’t right now. But according to the Dramafever management they’re working on it.

    Here’s their response:

    “One frequently asked question is why weโ€™re US only. This is because we donโ€™t have the permission from the content owners to stream outside of US. We hope to remedy this over time.”

    That’s it for now. I hope they’d have a solution for that matter soon.

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