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December 30, 2008 / owbEe

KCyworld: What a stress!!!

December 28. I started signing up in Cyworld (Korean version). At first I was kinda confused on what to do, which to click, which box needs this info, and so on and so forth.

To name the problems that I have encountered:

1. The email address that I have is not listed in the drop-down menu. Stupid me. I just need to choose the last option which says: ‘직접입력’. I dunno what exactly that means, my guess would be ‘others’.

2. So then I received a reply from them which contains some numbers for confirmation. And then it went out okay so I filled out the boxes. When its finally time to send it another pop-up window opened and said (I guess it was a rejection or something) something about my name. I really did not understand what’s wrong with my name. I wrote my complete name (which is the name that is shown on my ID) but it was rejected (For info: My name has 4 parts,–two given name, a middle initial and last name). So I thought it was asking for a username of some sort. So I typed in ‘owbee’ which is my preferred username, and then it went out good. I thought that was okay.

3. Next dilemma was when they sent out a reply. The reply was basically asking me to send an ID (to confirm my identity) to some email address. I was like, “what do I put in there?” “do I need to write something?” Duh! I dunno how to speak in Korean. How can I possibly write something up. So I just mailed them my email address, date of sign-up and the attached ID.

4. One day went by and then I received their reply. I thought it was okay. It wasn’t okay. I guess it was the problem with my name (again). I should have just placed there my first name and not my nickname. Gah! I’m so stupid.

5. So I looked for another ID I have (School ID) which contains my nickname. But still it wasn’t accepted. What’s wrong with my name, man. It just so happens that I have two names and not one.

6. Some hour passed and then another email was sent. I thought it was okay. But the message was too long to be okay so I tried to log-in but unfortunately that nasty message came out again and said that I need to send my ID for identity confirmation.

7. Okay, so I guess this would never be okay since I don’t really know how to express myself in Korean and understand Korean. Since Yahoo has this alternate email thing, I decided to just sign-up again and redo my name to my first name and send the document again for verification. I hope this time it works out fine. I’m totally exhausted and frustrated with this site. I just wish I get something to cheer me up.

What a day!



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  1. hangukdrama / Dec 31 2008 2:09 am

    직접입력 means ‘to key in (the data) yourself’

    anw the one reason I didn’t sign up for cyworld is that they need to verify your ID, so you have to send them something like a scanned copy for your Identification card. >< too much trouble ): loads of korean sites need that..

    It’s hard for foreigners to sign up for an account unless you dont mind scanning your IC and emailing it to them. haha ^^

    anw, HAPPY NEW YR!!

  2. owbEe / Dec 31 2008 3:45 am

    yeah. I thought it was easy but it was too exhausting to resend everything over and over again. I tried one more time and they still rejected it. I guess I just need to stick with the US Cyworld. It’s much easier there, though it’s too boring–I only have 3 friends.

    Anyway, Happy New Year too.. 🙂

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