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September 25, 2008 / owbEe

Just a station away

Its almost four months since my last LRT ride.

For the last four years of my College life, I’ve been used to riding the tricycle  early in the morning, walking a couple of meters to the loading area, riding a jeepney that says Anonas/Proj. 2-3, walking some more, and waiting at the platform of LRT Line 2 Anonas Station for the next ride to Recto. It has been a routine for me. I must admit, I missed it.

It’s not that it was such a fun experience riding that train but I miss those times when I go inside that crowded vehicle, look for a spot, find my talent in balancing, look up, stare and start reading some poems.

Berso sa Metro. I really can’t remember the very first time they placed those ads there. But I sure was quite intrigued. Not only because of the photos it contain but also the Spanish verses translated and written in Tagalog.

The one which I totally love was made by Pablo Neruda. I can’t really remember the title so I tried my luck to finding it here on the net. And luckily, someone already posted something about those ads. It was almost a year ago when that project started (I learned from some blogs). I never imagined that it was already posted for quite a long time now.

Here’s my favorite:

Pagtawanan mo ang gabi,
ang araw, ang buwan,
pagtawanan mo ang mga liku-likong
landas sa isla,
pagtawanan mo ang torpeng
lalaking ito na nagmamahal sa iyo,
ngunit kapag bubuksan ko
at isasara ang aking mga mata,
kapag ako ay umalis,
kapag ako ay muling bumalik
ipagkait mo na sa akin ang tinapay,
ang hangin, ang liwanag at ang tagsibol,
huwag lamang ang iyong ngiti,
dahil ito’y aking ikasasawi.

Tu Risa – Pablo Neruda

1 tricycle– The tricycle is a motorcycle with a sidecar. I’m used to calling it trike.
2 jeepney – Most popular means of transportation in the Philippines. Read some more…
3 Berso sa Metro – Verse in the Metro (English translation). Read some more…



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  1. owbEe / Sep 26 2008 12:19 am

    Others might be curious as to what the poem means in English. Here’s the full text of the poem translated in English.

    Your Laughter

    Take bread away from me, if you wish,
    take air away, but
    do not take from me your laughter.

    Do not take away the rose,
    the lanceflower that you pluck,
    the water that suddenly
    bursts forth in your joy,
    the sudden wave
    of silver born in you.

    My struggle is harsh and I come back
    with eyes tired
    at times from having seen
    the unchanging earth,
    but when your laughter enters
    it rises to the sky seeking me
    and it opens for me all
    the doors of life.

    My love, in the darkest
    hour your laughter
    opens, and if suddenly
    you see my blood staining
    the stones of the street,
    laugh, because your laughter
    will be for my hands
    like a fresh sword.

    Next to the sea in the autumn,
    your laughter must raise
    its foamy cascade,
    and in the spring, love,
    I want your laughter like
    the flower I was waiting for,
    the blue flower, the rose
    of my echoing country.

    Laugh at the night,
    at the day, at the moon,
    laugh at the twisted
    streets of the island,
    laugh at this clumsy
    boy who loves you,
    but when I open
    my eyes and close them,
    when my steps go,
    when my steps return,
    deny me bread, air,
    light, spring,
    but never your laughter
    for I would die.

    Only the last verse was translated in Filipino. (the one in bold characters).

  2. owbEe / Sep 26 2008 12:23 am

    And here’s the Original Spanish Version:

    Tu Risa

    Quítame el pan, si quieres,
    quítame el aire, pero
    no me quites tu risa.

    No me quites la rosa,
    la lanza que desgranas,
    el agua que de pronto
    estalla en tu alegría,
    la repentina ola
    de plata que te nace.

    Mi lucha es dura y vuelvo
    con los ojos cansados
    a veces de haber visto
    la tierra que no cambia,
    pero al entrar tu risa
    sube al cielo buscándome
    y abre para mí todas
    las puertas de la vida.

    Amor mío, en la hora
    más oscura desgrana
    tu risa, y si de pronto
    ves que mi sangre mancha
    las piedras de la calle,
    ríe, porque tu risa
    será para mis manos
    como una espada fresca.

    Junto al mar en otoño,
    tu risa debe alzar
    su cascada de espuma,
    y en primavera, amor,
    quiero tu risa como
    la flor que yo esperaba,
    la flor azul, la rosa
    de mi patria sonora.

    Ríete de la noche,
    del día, de la luna,
    ríete de las calles
    torcidas de la isla,
    ríete de este torpe
    muchacho que te quiere,
    pero cuando yo abro
    los ojos y los cierro,
    cuando mis pasos van,
    cuando vuelven mis pasos,
    niégame el pan, el aire,
    la luz, la primavera,
    pero tu risa nunca
    porque me moriría.

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