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April 20, 2013 / owbEe

Spring Cleaning

It’s finally cleaning time here in my blog.

I don’t know if it’s just me or if my readers experience it too but every time I visit my blog I feel that there’s too much clutter in my sidebar that I don’t get to fully experience the benefits of it. Aside from the very long side bar I also have an outdated Detour page. So while I’m online, I’ll be doing some spring cleaning for my blog for the ease of navigation and also avoid eye strain.

My Detour page is now organized and updated. Sadly though, I had to remove seven people from my list of Korean learners since their blogs are either down or don’t have any Korean contents anymore which defeats the purpose of this list. So now were down to 21 Korean learners. If you happen to have a blog and would like to be listed here as well, please leave a comment. It pleases me to meet new friends. 🙂

I also decided to put down My Lexicon page as it doesn’t serve anything anymore. I haven’t updated it for several years now and it only lists down really simple words which you can easily look up in a dictionary. So goodbye My Lexicon. Let’s meet again when I find some good use for you.

The sidebar has been customized for each page as well. Try clicking on each page and see the differences.

Let me know what you think. 😉

March 30, 2013 / owbEe

On excuses and failed attempts

It’s been almost a year since my last post. My poor blog needs some love. I know it’s pretty obvious that I have been slacking off with my Korean studies. My blog is a clear evidence of it. I have been pretty busy with other humanly things possible, i.e. work, work, and more work. Also a lot of other things have been bothering my mind that concentrating in a foreign language is a fairly remote thing for me to do.

I have made it known in the About page that I do own more than a dozen Korean learning books but I know that won’t do anything if I don’t try and flip a page. So as of April of last year I decided to start all over again. It’s kind of painful and exhausting, I know, since I would be reading the same contents all over again but I’m realizing that I’m learning more things now. I’m also noticing minute details mostly about things I haven’t noticed before but have now.

This is a brand new start of my journey in Korean language learning. I haven’t closed down anything. I haven’t given up. I just want to start fresh with everything and move forward without doubts in my mind. I want to love Korean all over again. Just fall in love like I did before.

July 15, 2012 / owbEe

Another chance to go to Seoul

Okay, this is a bit overdue but I still want to share it since there’s still five more days to go.

I received a newsletter from Visit Seoul for the month of July about two weeks ago. And there’s good news for fans of Seoul in the newsletter. There’s a sweepstakes this month for a chance to win a free trip to Seoul.

That’s right a FREE TRIP TO SEOUL!!!

Every month, Visit Seoul will be giving free trip to Seoul and other great Prizes. This month they will be giving a round-trip flight to Seoul (1 winner),  Seoul wireless mouse (5 winners), Bean bag neck pillow + aromatic eye mask set (10 winners) and Seoul stationery set (20 winners).

To view the details on how to join, click the photo above or visit this page. ➡

PS. There’s also a Free Seoul Postcard Delivery Service in the site. I hope there’s a kind person out there in Seoul who would gladly send me one. 😉

June 12, 2012 / owbEe

문자왔숑 (Message received)

[Originally posted at LeapFlySoar.Com]

If you’re not familiar with Korean you would see this post’s title as a code of some kind. Let me breakdown the code for you:

문자 (munja) means message or letter,  (watt) is the past tense of 오다 (oda) which means to come. So if we combine them, it would mean message came or message received.

문자왔숑 (munjawassyong) is a cute version of 문자왔어 (munjawasseo). From what I noticed, younger generations usually add the ㅇ at the end of the sentence when they type messages or when they act all cutesy or what Korean’s call 애교 (aegyo).

Yesterday, out of the blue, I decided to search on how to add ringtones to iPhone. I found several post suggesting to jailbreak my phone just so I can upload ringtones. I really don’t want to change anything inside my phone’s software so I just gave up in my search. I then remembered one of my co-workers told me I can download ringtones online without jailbreaking my phone.

If you would ask me what I first looked for, I searched for anything related to Korean.

I’ve watched Secret Garden and one of the things that reminds me of this drama is the ringtone used by the main female character. The title of the said ringtone is 문자왔숑.

Listen and Download

This next ringtone is used in 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (내사랑 싸가지) and City Hunter (시티헌터). I’m not sure if this ringtone was used in another drama or movie. Its title is 전화왔다메세진데속았지.

Listen and Download

Aren’t they cute? Do you know any other cute Korean ringtones?

April 1, 2012 / owbEe

Live the Language

I’ve been away for a very long time and during that time I haven’t had any exposure to Korean besides my Korean drama escapades. If that’s even part of my Korean learning. Today, I won’t be posting anything Korean related but language in general.

So during the time of my absence, I was visiting sites here and there. Reading random stuff that might interest me in some way. I happen to find this series of videos made as commercial for EF International Language Centers. They were pretty amazing and fun so I thought to share it with my readers.

This is my favorite video, I guess. For the sole reason that I can understand most of it.

Tons of videos here.

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